Catalysm Coaching

25 Apr 2020 | Business Services

My mission is to work with small creative agencies who want to be a great businesses – all whilst staying small and perfectly formed.  


Catalysm Coaching

I’m for those independents for whom “growing” means becoming a sustainable, bankable, enjoyable business.  That’s the transformation I work to achieve.  I am a former small-ish agency owner turned Small Business Coach and Creative Industries Specialist.


Catalysm Coaching COVID-19 Update

I work at home on video calls from rural North Dorset on any normal day.  I am building a small Agency Mastermind group for those looking to come out of the lockdown crisis with plenty to shout about to potential and existing clients.  I also offer my ears free of charge for an hour.  Book online through my LinkedIn profile.  Speak soon and stay well.  Christophe