D&A Procurement

4 Jan 2121 | Business Services

Is your business wasting hundreds or even thousands in unnecessary energy costs, at a time when every penny counts?

Unlike domestic, business gas and electric deals aren’t always straight forward. With no popular comparison sites and the independents only producing limited results, surely there is a better way?

Here at D&A Procurement we have access to 30+ trusted UK energy suppliers, so more choice means we can find you the best prices.

Searching, Switching, Renewing? We take care of it all and can even secure your next deal up to 12 months in advance of your current end date, if the price is right!

This means getting the best rate is effortless and better still – it costs you nothing!


D&A Procurement

For a no-obligation quote, simply call 07956 311336 or email rob@daprocurement.co.uk with a current utility bill and you’ll soon have one less problem to solve and cost to cut.



D&A Procurement COVID-19 Update

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