Designed in Dorset

29 Jul 2020 | Online Shop

Designed in Dorset are delighted to welcome you to Dorset’s first online marketplace, dedicated to the craftsmen, makers and producers of this beautiful county. By choosing to shop here you will be boosting the local economy, reducing delivery mileage and improving the lot of rural businesses across Dorset.

As a small business ourselves, we promise a percentage of our profits will go to local worthy causes and unlike some other marketplaces, our taxes will be paid in the UK. So please, enjoy the site, support small business and if you make stuff in Dorset, there’s no charge until you sell something.


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3 Signs COVID-19 Update

We are helping our vendors to get online quickly and easily both on our own website and building their own. Quite a few of our vendors are traders with a stand and have no idea how to sell online which has become essential. Adding products to our marketplace takes away the headaches involved with selling online and lets them concentrate on their products. We also set up a local shops website during lockdown to help pubs and shops sell online and we handled the delivery for a small charge.

Because of the number of vendors on board we are being offered partnerships with the likes of Dorset Magazine to help our vendors reach new audiences.