21 Sep 2020 | Business Services

Supporting StartUps to get the best potential of success through a number of services, inc.

– Validation (Understand your niche)
– Preparation (Prevent digital mistakes)
– Creation (Built scalable tech that lasts)
– Market (Launch with confidence)

We work from insight, using data to strategise the best plan of action for your concept. Graaftr Lite is a sub-service, offering quick, cost-effective websites and support to help get your StartUp going quickly. Sometimes the best option is to get something going quickly, test the market and build up from there.

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Graaftr COVID-19 Update

I built Graaftr due to Covid-19. I run a flower delivery StartUp called, Florist Up My Street, which stopped trading while florist shops were closed. I was also in the process of raising funds for a pet services StartUp called Hey Muttley.

Unfortunately, the investment for Hey Muttley was dropped due to COVID-19 because of the need to support the investors existing interests.

I chose to adapt my services, offering help from my experience to StartUps, allowing them to follow insight and data, giving the best potential for success.