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29 Sep 2020 | Online Shop, Retail

At Pretty Pug Publishing our vision is to have a happy stable of authors, selling their books and getting the personal touch they deserve. We can’t guarantee you’ll be the next J K Rowling, but we can dream!

As a responsible hybrid publisher, we aren’t just looking for any old author who is willing to pay us. Publishing under our own imprint we want to ensure a quality end product hits the digital shelves – and that includes everything from the cover to the editing and layout to most importantly, the quality page-turning content of the book.

We are open to submissions from any genre, fiction or non-fiction – if we feel the opening chapters make us not want to stop, make us want to read more – then there are readers out there that also want the next book they cannot put down.

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Pretty Pug COVID-19 Update

 Business as usual.

Zoom consultations available for authors, if required.